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The Qualities of Great Teachers

Great teachers make great schools, but what makes a good teacher has changed over the last 5 years. In previous eras when information wasn’t ubiquitous, teachers with advanced degrees and massive content knowledge possessed traits on which schools needed to place a premium. A teacher’s interpersonal skills were secondary to their mastery and delivery of content. However, … Continue reading


Focusing on What Matters

I recently read a solid piece entitled “Is Google Teaching Us Anything?” (h/t to @gregkulowiec on twitter) that opens by citing both Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows and Sugata Mitra’s SOLE project as competing philosophies of the role of technology in education. More important, though, is the question of self-directed learning and to what extent truly independent … Continue reading


What If…

What if we designed a school whose foundation was built on an obsession with learning, in all shapes and forms? What if our school focused on every possible way to reward and promote all learning students chose to pursue? What if we populated that school full of teachers who weren’t great traditional students? How would … Continue reading