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Focusing on What Matters

I recently read a solid piece entitled “Is Google Teaching Us Anything?” (h/t to @gregkulowiec on twitter) that opens by citing both Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows and Sugata Mitra’s SOLE project as competing philosophies of the role of technology in education. More important, though, is the question of self-directed learning and to what extent truly independent … Continue reading


What If…

What if we designed a school whose foundation was built on an obsession with learning, in all shapes and forms? What if our school focused on every possible way to reward and promote all learning students chose to pursue? What if we populated that school full of teachers who weren’t great traditional students? How would … Continue reading


The “Top 500 Schools in America,” or “The 500 Whitest and Wealthiest Neighborhoods in America”

So your high school made Newsweek’s list of “Top Five Hundred Schools in America.” You saw it on facebook and shared it with your networks. Sharing that Newsweek link felt good, right? Hooray for my alma mater! We got ranked in the top 500 by Newsweek! You probably didn’t think twice about sharing that link. … Continue reading

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Stop Chasing.

What do you believe? What does your philosophy of learning look like and what are the best pedagogical strategies in which to make it meaningfully happen on a daily basis? What is the ideal learning environment for students and how does a teacher design that environment? Ultimately, when these three questions are satisfactorily answered, very little else … Continue reading