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The “Top 500 Schools in America,” or “The 500 Whitest and Wealthiest Neighborhoods in America”

So your high school made Newsweek’s list of “Top Five Hundred Schools in America.” You saw it on facebook and shared it with your networks. Sharing that Newsweek link felt good, right? Hooray for my alma mater! We got ranked in the top 500 by Newsweek! You probably didn’t think twice about sharing that link. … Continue reading

Conferences / Pedagogy / Professional Development

Stop Chasing.

What do you believe? What does your philosophy of learning look like and what are the best pedagogical strategies in which to make it meaningfully happen on a daily basis? What is the ideal learning environment for students and how does a teacher design that environment? Ultimately, when these three questions are satisfactorily answered, very little else … Continue reading


Transversing Digital and Analog Learning Spaces

I’ve been reading a lot about learning spaces, but a piece recently tweeted out by (and authored by) Gary Stager (@garystager) has caught my eye and got me thinking about constructivism in secondary education. As someone who believes in (but hasn’t by any means mastered) progressive education, I’ve always got Alfie Kohn’s Questions for Progressive Schools … Continue reading


Assessing Student Performance in a Design-Infused History Course

On twitter and elsewhere, I’ve made my feelings about grades pretty well known: I can find little, if any, pedagogical justification for student grades. I find them to be wildly inadequate in terms of providing students with meaningful, actionable feedback about the work they do. Furthermore, they are reductionist in that they try to provide … Continue reading


Binge Learning

Multi-tasking is all the rage. As people becoming more tied to their devices, it has become more socially acceptable to multi-task instead of focus on unique behaviors one at a time. People check twitter while watching YouTube videos, check out Snapchat while working on essays, and (in a more unfortunate example) text while driving. This … Continue reading