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“Teaching” Less, Learning More

I’ve written before about how technology should make us slow down, not speed up. Considering education pedagogy (especially in grades 6-12), a similar dichotomy, and nontraditional solution, has arisen. Teachers are continually asked to cover more ground, faster. This has caused many to focus more time on direct instruction, drilling the necessary information into the … Continue reading

EdTech / Pedagogy / Professional Development

What is Your School’s New Mission?

Every school needs to ask itself a core question: “What do we offer our students that cannot be replicated in an online experience?” The answer to that question should become the basis of a school’s mission statement. Technology’s ability to overcome constraints of space and time should force institutions that exist within time and space … Continue reading

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GTACHI and Socrates

GTACHI. Pronounced “Gee-Tah-Chee”. It’s hard to really quantify the experience that the Google Teacher Academy afforded me this past week. It was an intense 19 hours of study, discussion, collaboration, and demonstration that overwhelmed my brain and sparked innumerable ideas for the future. Rather than go through the list of the myriad new ideas that … Continue reading