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Stop Chasing.

What do you believe? What does your philosophy of learning look like and what are the best pedagogical strategies in which to make it meaningfully happen on a daily basis? What is the ideal learning environment for students and how does a teacher design that environment? Ultimately, when these three questions are satisfactorily answered, very little else … Continue reading

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Marshall McLuhan and the Medium in Education

Marshall McLuhan is probably my favorite theorist/philosopher of the 20th century. His work on media and it’s role in shaping the minds of all of us was both unbelievably prescient and amazingly accurate. In “the medium is the message,” the point can be the essential argument contained within the piece can be (overly simplistically) broken … Continue reading

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“Teaching” Less, Learning More

I’ve written before about how technology should make us slow down, not speed up. Considering education pedagogy (especially in grades 6-12), a similar dichotomy, and nontraditional solution, has arisen. Teachers are continually asked to cover more ground, faster. This has caused many to focus more time on direct instruction, drilling the necessary information into the … Continue reading

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What is Your School’s New Mission?

Every school needs to ask itself a core question: “What do we offer our students that cannot be replicated in an online experience?” The answer to that question should become the basis of a school’s mission statement. Technology’s ability to overcome constraints of space and time should force institutions that exist within time and space … Continue reading