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Google Scripts to Improve School Workflow

For this school year, our school has attempted to automate a lot of the processes that used to be done by passing a lo-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-t of paper around. Everything from sub plans to midsemester comments to tech help requests has now been automated. We’ve been pretty happy with it so far, so I thought I’d share the first of our scripts, for substitute requests.

Sub Requests:

For sub requests, we created a google form that allowed teachers to input all necessary information. After creating the form, we created a spreadsheet for the responses to land once inputed. If you’re looking to create one, it’s found right under the toolbar:

After the spreadsheet was creating, we added the FormMule script. It’s found in the script gallery:

The directions are fairly straightforward–you select the information you want to forward, then you can create up to four separate emails (based upon specific answers within the spreadsheet) that forward the information in an email to selected people at the school. For our sub requests, we created separate emails that would go to the appropriate Division Head (upper school, middle school, lower school) depending upon the division chosen in the form. The email would simply say “This teacher has requested a sub. Here are the details.”

We then added a column in the spreadsheet that asked the division head to indicate an approved or unapproved absence. The sub coordinator could see that and make the appropriate calls to the sub(s), and the teacher would receive an email letting them know whether or not their request was approved and who the sub would be.

This was a pretty basic use of the great scripts created by Google Certified Teacher (and fellow GTACHI alum–what what) Andrew Stillman. He’s got a number of other scripts in the gallery on Google Drive, as well as his site


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