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Designing 1:1 PD Using the AMPP Model

This week, I presented at the EdTechTeacher iPad Summit in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a great experience full of tremendous educators (including a large contingent of Chicagoans. Way to represent!). More than anything, I was impressed with what seemed to be the theme of every single presentation I saw. The theme was simple: “It’s not about the device.” This should be the mantra for every tech director, curriculum head, or administrator in charge of a 1:1 program. I hope this becomes the theme of every tech conference from here on out.

A few people have asked if I could share my materials from my presentation at the Summit, so I thought I’d provide it here.

The key concept in this presentation is what I call the “AMPP” model in 1:1 Professional Development. This includes:

Assess Where the Faculty Are
Meet them Where they Are
Promote Curiosity and Risk-Taking
Provide Constant Support

In doing this, a professional development program gives teachers technical and pedagogical knowledge while simultaneously instilling confidence in the school’s handing of a thoughtful and deliberate technology rollout plan.

In addition, if you are looking for any of the “common core” of apps that I discussed in that presentation, you’ll find them here:

A different type of “Common Core”

Rethinking Inservice Days


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