Limiting Distractibility on the iPad

For many parents of middle school students (and, for that matter, high school students), the iPad can become the source of stress. A number of questions arise, for example “how do I know that what they’re doing is actually for school,” or “why is it taking them 2 hours to do what their teacher said was a 15 minute assignment?”

For all of it’s great benefits, for parents, the honest truth about the iPad (for both teachers and parents) is that it is another device that requires adults to navigate when teaching their children. And because of it’s ability to connect to the world instantaneously and provide literally millions of distractions to a child, adults need to have the tools to effectively manage student use of the device.

Below is a video I put together for parents regarding distractibility and the iPad. It gives you a few ways in which you can help manage the devices in a way that teaches students to manage the devices, and their own time, as effectively as possible. Enjoy.


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