Dropbox and iMovie on an iPad: Sharing Solved

In the process of an iPad rollout, a number of little issues can arise. Last year, teachers at my school had problems with iMovie; not with the app, but with the sharing of videos produced by the app. When one creates a movie on an iPad, the ways to share it are limited to online publishing such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc. When working with middle schoolers, teachers were reticent to have students publishing videos to a public space, especially when those videos were working documents of sorts.

This year, Dropbox has given us a great work-around for this. The new “Camera Upload” feature added by Dropbox this summer allows for Dropbox to sweep the Photo Roll of an iPad and upload anything on that Photo Roll to a folder in Dropbox. This allows the student to share the file via a link in an email.

If a teacher wants to take it further, they can simply have the student share his or her camera uploads folder in Dropbox with the teacher, so that as soon as the video is sent to the Photo Roll, it is uploaded to their shared folder as well. The steps are as follows:

1. Have students create a dropbox account (http://www.dropbox.com) and download the app to their iPads.

2. When signing up for the account, make sure students enable Camera Uploads.

3. When on dropbox.com, have students rename their Camera Uploads folder “Camera Uploads-TheirLastName” (this way you can later organize these shared folders in a larger folder on your dropbox account).

4. Have students share that Camera Uploads folder with the teacher.

5. On the teacher account, you can then put all the student Camera Uploads folders into a single folder, or group by grade or class.

This process allows for relatively private sharing between student and teacher as well as a quick and simple answer to the problem of sharing large files on iMovie. Furthermore, once the folder is shared, every time students make a movie, it will be easily accessible by the teacher.

Once again, dropbox has proven to be an invaluable asset to teachers.


3 thoughts on “Dropbox and iMovie on an iPad: Sharing Solved

  1. Huzzah! As i said yesterday, this will make everyone’s life easier – and the videos play in Dropbox – no need to download! So much easier than connecting to my desktop iPhoto library or embedding in a Keynote to share on the WebDAV –

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