Teachers Get Too Much Time Off?

As I sit here at my desk at work during my school’s Spring Break, catching up on all the paperwork that gets pushed aside when you have to give 4-5 hourlong presentations every day to a captive, partially unwilling audience, I’m reminded how many people talk about how teachers get paid too much because we have so much time off.

Just a reminder to all of those who think teachers only work nine months a year: the type and amount of work that good teachers do during their “time off” is roughly equivalent to the work most people do in their “paid time.” In teachers’ paid time, they do all of that work PLUS teaching 120-160 students. I’d love to find a way to get people to understand that this is the case for at least 80% of teachers in the country today. Rather than define us by the 20% who do not embody that spirit, why don’t you take a few minutes to see just how much time is spent by teachers doing work that isn’t part of the 55-60 minute class period. 

For most teachers, the equation is simple:

“Teacher Vacation=A chance to only have to do the work that people in most occupations consider to be 100% of the job.”


3 thoughts on “Teachers Get Too Much Time Off?

  1. That is bull. My sister and girlfriend are both teachers. They get home at 3:30-4pm after getting in a 8am. They never do any work after hours/weekends. They get every holiday/day after off, winter breaks, spring breaks, summer breaks, etc.. They get paid pretty freaking good for not having to work much.

    • Nothing like anecdotal evidence to prove a universal truth.

      If this is true, then they’re not very good at their jobs. Note the 80/20 distinction in the article. If what you’re saying is true, then they’re in the 20%.

  2. I have teacher in-laws and friends. They ALWAYS have much more time off than me. Spring break, winter break, on and on and on not to mention summers. They make the same decent wage I make. I always work evenings and on the weekends to catch up on paperwork. My teacher friend is always asking me to go fishing with him, but I am always working. The myth that other professionals don’t work in the evening and weekends is..a myth.Especially profesionals in the private sector. Most that I deal with work as much or more than teachers. Maybe teachers work more than an 8-5 person, but they have all that time to catch up.
    I have a lot of respect for teachers and what they do. I would never want to teach. Its not my thing.
    But in my experience with teachers, they have a lot more time off. Its a good gig, not to mention a govenment job in which they will get a better pension and benefits when its all over, in most cases.
    No sour grapes here. Just stating the facts in my world. I love teachers. They have helped my son through hard times in school and one of my favorite people in the world was my 4th grade teacher many years ago. They DO have an impact on children.
    The time off is just how it is. Its been that way for many years. If I wanted it I would have gone into teaching.

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