Summer Technology Reflection

I’ve been working with what I’ve felt is a decent amount of technology for quite a while now.  My courses all feature online Course Management Systems (courtesy of Moodle), online grade books, student blogging, and google docs for collaboration.  But in today’s world of technology, it is easy to feel as if you’re falling behind in terms of technology. On twitter, missing a few days can feel like missing years.

However, with so much technology be created so quickly, sometimes its difficult to take the time to find ways to effectively implement each new innovation.  In looking at the big picture of “technology integration,” sometimes the smaller details get lost.  What I’d like to do over the course of this summer is write a little bit about various technologies and how I’ve implemented them in my history courses, complete with the ups-and-downs, hits-and-misses of each attempt.  Hopefully that will give others ideas as to how various applications, websites, etc. can be used in classes and what pitfalls can possibly occur.

Not all my experiences with technology have been good; in many cases it was not the fault of bad technology.  Tech and pedagogy need to meet in the middle somewhere and sometimes it just doesn’t happen.  Hopefully, some teachers out there can find better ways than I to implement some of the technology into their courses.  Regardless, the next month or so should introduce to you at least one or two new tech items and maybe give you a sense of how it might work in a real classroom.  I’ll do my best to be as honest and thorough as possible.


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