Some Minor (and slightly irrelevant) Introductions

I’ve probably spent hundreds of hours blogging and writing about sports.  Poorly.  And anonymously.

In that sense, I’m no different than about a billion people who think they know better than the local manager or general manager.  So I’m trying something a little different.  Hopefully, and unlike my sports writing, it might actually catch on and serve some larger social purpose (not that writing about sports isn’t uber-important, its just that angrily decrying Ryan Theriot’s on-base-percentage might be considered, by some, to be a little passe’).


I am a teacher of history.  I like technology.  I try to use technology wherever it can serve the interests of what I’m doing in the classroom.  I try not to be a zealot-zealotry scares me (and, given that I teach a history of terrorism course, I know that the original Zealots were some really nasty people and I’d rather not be associated with them).  My intention in creating this site is to provide teachers who are skeptical about the uses of technology in the classroom to see some simple ways in which they might be able to use technology to enhance (rather than hamstring) their curriculum.

If this doesn’t work, I could always go back to whining about the Cubs for the eight readers who read the stuff I used to write.


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